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Default Re: 2013 8-Weight Challenge: Fly Reel Review

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
Gerard, Here in the States, Consumers Report Magazine is a very influential buyers guide. They rate automobiles annually and plenty of buyers swear by their reliability recommendations. The tale goes like this; "This Ferrari Enzo is way overpriced and further more, the suspension is so low that ingress an d egress are highly inhibited; we do not recommend the Enzo". Now, I'm not shopping Ferrari either but it because assembled fly rods fail to fit in it...never be chagrined when the rod or reel that is best for you places low in a comparison. These things are all somewhat subjective and an emphasis on sealed drag assemblies was evident here. Like Anderson's shootouts, it more food for thought. I love, love, love my Loomis NRX 9'/#4 despite its poor rating in the last 4-weight shootout but I use it differently than the defined focal point of that comparison.
Couldn't agree more. In the UK the magazine is called "Which?".

I note what Grouch said and think it is fair comment that it might be better to used slightly used products for testing (maybe they were demo units?). It is a bit like in the audio world when they review equipment, Stereophile and the likes, either expect the amps, speakers etc to be "burnt in" i.e. used for some extended time 100hours plus or do the "burn in" themselves. I can appreciate the need for the cork drag reels need some time to "burn in" maybe it is not so imperative on the sealed carbon based drags?
Regards Gerard
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