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Default Re: Sage SLT vs. Sage ZXL

I think the transitioning from LL-SP-SLT-ZXL have made some changes in both weight and crispness in feel. I only owned two SLT 9' 4 & 8'6" 5 and two ZXL a 8'4 and 8'6" 4 and would not part with any. In fact I have tried in vain to find a deal on discounted unused 8'6" 5 ZXL. In my hands as I am an "ok" caster these rods feel just right and I can go back and forth between them with no real difference . Having said that it opportunity presented itself I jump on a LL 8:6" 3 or multi piece SP. One final note the replacement for the ZXL the Circa is an entirely different feeling rod. In my humble opinion significant different from the SLT/ZXL feel. And different is not bad at all . I believe that some may simply feel a change in casting sensation. Like it yes a lot but I am a glass addict but price point is there and a discounted ZXL at $399 would be my buy first.
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