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Default Re: Sage SLT vs. Sage ZXL

Originally Posted by chi flyfisher View Post
I've been looking at a number of different Sage rods. As I continue to kill time this winter while I can't fish for trout, I've been researching fly rods and making the occasional purchase I've been looking hard at SLT rods and am interested in the comparison between the SLT and the ZXL. I understand the ZXL to be the rod that replaced the SLT - can anyone comment who has fished both rods on their similarities/differences?

Your comments are appreciated!

Hi Mike, both great rods I think, I find my SLT just a touch crisper than the ZXL.
I sold the ZXL a while back as I just wasn't using yet, and the SLT became my go to every time.
Here in the UK the SLT is a much respected rod, more so than the ZXL which can be picked quite often in the used market for less money usually.
It seems to have gained a bit of a cult status here, and I for one wouldn't part with mine.
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