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Default Re: Competing with other sportspeople for carp

I've mentioned before when I was a kid back 40 or so years ago I did alot of carp fishing. Everything we caught was killed. It was the "right" thing to do at that time as far as we knew. I did drag one or two home on occasion for my mom's gardens. She was very enthusiastic about getting them. Of course she was enthusiastic about everything we did. At this point in my life I still don't know if she really wanted a dead fish for fertilizer on a hot summer day or not.

The river ran behind the main street in town. I lived about 3-4 blocks past the main drag. So we had to go across main to get home. And it was all up hill going home. Once on a warm summer day I had about 1/2 dozen carp on stringer (about 20-25 lbs) that I was going to drag home for Mom. It was going to be the biggest haul of ever for my Mom. After dragging it about a block along the river and across Main street I realized that I had signed up much more work than I wanted. Right where I crossed Main was a Fish Market, Mehrings Fishery. A stroke of genius came over me and I walked right in with my stringer of Carp and asked to see Mr. Mehring. The lady behind the counter gave me a good look up and down. For some reason at the time I couldn't understand why she was not as enthusiastic about the Carp as my Mom always was. She growled out a few words that I still remember to this day.

"Get the h**l out of here before Mr. Mehring gets back". Dejected I started back out the door with my prize load of Carp. Just before I reached the door I heard the lady say to another lady behind the counter "We're lucky Mr. Mehring isn't here, he would of bought those dam things". Every time I think of that I have to chuckle to myself. I did manage to drag all those Carp home. And my Mom was especially thrilled to get all those fish. But for the first time I had to dig all the holes in her gardens to bury the Carp. And she made sure I dug real deep holes. She said it was to keep the Racoons from digging them up. After Dragging all those fish home and digging all those holes I was beat. After that I never brought any more Carp home, it was too much work no matter how happy my Mom was about. Come to think about it she never mentioned fish for her gardens even when she knew I was going fishing.
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