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Default Re: 9' 8-weight versus 11' 8-weight (switch)?

Originally Posted by okuma View Post
I went with an 11'3" switch for my Hybrid Bass fishing in freshwater, from shore. Just my thougts here guys, wouldn't the 11 footer give more leverage on bigger fish?
No it won't, the longer rod actually gives the fish more leverage on your hand/wrist. Your hand/wrist is the fulcrum and the tip of the rod is the end of he lever in which the pressure is applied to. To make it easy to picture, imagine using a short wrench, the nut is your hand/wrist(the fulcrum or fixed position the lever/wrench is attached to) and your hand, applying pressure on the wrench is the fish. A shorter wrench gives the tight nut/bolt an advantage and a longer whench will give you(the fish) the upper hand. Ths is why you don't see big game fishermen using long rods(gear or fly), and if you look at most 12+ weight rods you will see alot of them are 8'.

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