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I started with glass, switched to graphite, and now I'm mostly back to glass. When seeking a rod, you're likely to find the shorter vintage glass rods to be at least a 5 weight. For something less, you'll probably have to go with new glass. Thankfully, there are getting to be more options.

When I sought a 7' 3 weight, I considered a few: Scott F series, Hardy Stream, Steffen fiberglass, and the Diamondback Glass. I'd heard many great things about the Scott F series and the Steffen rods, but the Scott was more money than I was prepared to spend; and I didn't want to wait for the Steffen rod to be built up for me. I ended up testing the Hardy, the Diamondback, and an Orvis Superfine. Of these, I chose the Diamondback. The Orvis was fun, but it still cast like graphite. And the Hardy just didn't suit my casting style. Regarding Diamondback, I understand that Cortland will be discontinuing fly rods in order to focus on their lines.

Cabelas had the CGR series of glass, and now they have the CGT series. The CGR had a fuller flex and pleased more fiberglass zealots than the newer series. However, the CGT's action could suit you to a "T"; and it would provide an inexpensive new rod option at $150.
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