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Default Re: So what is it that makes one rod better than the next?

I too have to agree with sweetandsalt on this point. I have 34 G.loomis rods (not all fly rods) and I can tell you that Steve Rajeff who designs for 'loomis can do things with those rods most of us will never do. Having said that, I can take a 7' GLX bass rod and a shimano reel and throw a lure a very long ways. I did not start that way, the rods pushed me to get every once of performance out of it, over time!

Same with my GLX fly rods. I could not double haul worth a nickel. Steve taught me to double hual and improved my distance quite a bit. However the rod, tallant and time will give you that which you want. Might not be a G.Loomis NRX, maybe a ONE, but it is something each one us can do if the desire is there to try different brands and see what each one will do in our hand.

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