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Arrow How would you get your Mangrove Muddler deeper?

Hi All,

So I am new to the sport, but not new to fishing. I have been catching red fish for ever and know that the strike zone is just above the grass.

So I did my research and found some good patterns for reds however they all pretty much float. I am using a combination of leader material from Hard nylon to Fluro (at least the last two tippets), but nothing will make them go under more.

So my question is: What methods are out there to get my flies between 1-3 feet below the surface?

All of the patterns are between #4 - 2/0.

I know about intermediate sinking lines but that will just make the line sink in such shallow water and the fly will be on the surface still.


Do I need to grease the leader?

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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