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Default Re: So what is it that makes one rod better than the next?

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
If you have yet to develop the skills to drive the BMW hotrod it would not be rewarding to drive and, I argue, the same applies to Loomis NRX or Sage ONE, for example. These are not soft, sweet, gentle, pretty rods; they are super high performance, blood and guts fly fishing hot rods. These, and other no-compromise rods like them, are designed by great casters/designers in concert with highly skilled rod shop technicians for demanding fly fishers pursuing spectacular specimens in ultimate habitats. Sophisticatedly tapered to offer the caster different degrees of power accessible through stroke timing, length and speed of acceleration, the tip recovers rapidly and with minimal oscillation. The deeper you reach into the lower taper the more power you discover is available and the rod comunicates this along with evrey motion of the line and later of the fish, with transparency, directly to you the angler.

These rods have to be fine-tuned; carefully balanced with a reel of exactly the right weight with performance equal to the tasks at hand, mated with the perfect line to load the rod and execute the super tight and dead straight loops they are designed to generate and they can be temperamental. They have to be learned, you grow into them, they do not come out of the tube and make you feel like, "oh yea, this is completely natural to me and my style of casting". They push you, force you to learn and step up to their heightened performance
I think this could be very misleading to some. It's as if your stating that because one's preference is for a slower action rod they might not be as skilled as the guy who likes the fast action rods. If I were a newcomer to our sport I might read that and think "well gee regardless of my preference I must not be a good caster because I don't care for the fast broom stick feel of the Sage ONE or the Loomis". Fast action rods teach one to cast a fast action, its not the end all be all of fly rods. Is the guy who can cast a glass rod to a tailing bone or permit at 85' and drop the Merkin Crab 2 feet in front of the fish any less skilled than another guy who does it with a new "hotrod". Which is why at some point personal preference has to take over. Skill develops with the chosen tool, and performance is an individual experience.

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
But I don't think the originator of this thread, a rod designer, was looking for what makes us comfortable and content.
No offense to the OP but as a "rod designer" than he should already have a firm grip on what makes a rod "perform". As I said in one my posts, the stress curves of a taper along with the materials used decide rod performance. I think as a "designer" it would make more sense to ask what the individual deems as a performance rod based on their own preference. Objectivity can only take us so far, without personal input from experience and preference we would all fish with one style rod, one style of fishing, and so on. I'm not tying to single you out sweetandsalt but I just think you are being too general and overly objective when it comes to topics like this. All in all I think it makes for a better discussion to have both sides of the coin heard from. As someone whom also designs tapers I have to allow a customer to decide what they deem as their "performance" rod which could be a noodle compared to what I would want or find to be the best performing taper for a given situation. One driver might be into the Euro Tuner styled cars while another is into America Muscle, both are equally skilled drivers with different styles and preferences.
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