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Default Re: Cortland-Diamondback Petition

I am a 30 year old male who lives in upstate NY. I work in Syracuse NY, which happens to be right around the bend from Cortland. I am going to keep it short and sweet and I do not mean for this to be offensive. We all know fly fishing is a brand driven business. As sad as it sounds the Cortland co. would be the last brand that I would consider buying. I don't have the extravagant words to say that the product that I have seen has been geared way to far towards Wal-Mart and too far away from quality. This makes me sad because I would love to support a company from my home town.

On another note I have been hearing great things about the new Trout Boss line and Czech nymph tippet. For what it is worth I hope we can make this a cry for a local American company to step up their game in the rod and reel dept. I have not had a chance to cast an original Diamond Back rod. However every time I purchase a fly rod my father takes the time to tell me about the day he fished with his buddy's DB. He says he never caught a fish but had never had so much fun casting any rod.
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