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Default Re: What would you do?

I have been on both sides of the fence on this one. When I started fishing it was with my dad flinging bait on small streams in Wyoming. When I later picked up Fly Fishing I thought all the flingers were just wrong and should't be scaring all the fish (not too worried about the catching). I remember an amazing 60+ fish day on a small stream where we ran into a couple of flingers and just said, "it has been a rough day for us hope you figure it out."

I have now passed the sport on to my father in law, (who has a passion and hobby for life), brother (obsessed with fly fishing), father (who bought a raft and fishes 100+ days a year with my brother), and others who have found a hobby they love because of what we experienced together.

That revelation has changed how I tolerate or welcome fishermen to my part of the river. Most of the time I am more than kind, I offer help, flies, and even the occasional etiquette lesson as needed. I have gone as far as asking a gentlemen if I could cut off his entire rig and start him over with a nice two fly indicator system I had been very successful with on this river. He caught a fish within a couple minutes of changing the setup and I am sure he is still fly fishing today. Sometimes you just need to pass it on to make the world a little better place.
"Share your passion with others"
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