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Default Re: 9' 8-weight versus 11' 8-weight (switch)?

Originally Posted by turbineblade View Post
I've read this before and to me it makes no sense.

How can a longer rod (lever) provide less leverage to the fisherman?

By logical extension, shouldn't that mean that using the shortest rod possible would be the best lever? Or is the cut-off for max leverage exactly 9 feet?

This probably sounds like I'm griping, but I'm honestly interested in knowing -- that's all. And even one of my fly fishing books mentions this same thing, so it's not just from here that I've heard it.

My assumption was that off-shore fishermen probably used medium length rods only because huge long ones would be more likely to get caught up on things in the boat and be cumbersome to manipulate.

That said, I'm leaning toward a 9' 8 weight.

It makes perfect sense because it's simple physics, no made up bs it's just the way things work and neither you or I can do a thing to change it. The lever provides pressure on the fulcrum(the axis or fixed position in which the lever is attached to), when fishing your hand is holding the rod handle so in turn your hand is the fulcrum. So this being said the fish is attached to the end of the lever on which the pressure is being applied. Which in turn is applying the pressure to the fulcrum, or your hand in this case. The longer th lever or rod the more pressure it will apply to the fulcrum

Being on a boat or not has nothing to do with rod length, a lot of us only fish from a boat and my preferred fly rod length is 9'. In reality the shorter heavy weight rods will get a fish in faster but the longer rods are easier to cast. So basically a long rod is a better casting tool and the shorter rod is a better fish fighting tool. I know for a fact it works this way from my gear fishing days. With fly fishing, especially heavier lines it has already been established industry wide that a 9' rod has a good balance of fish fighting and casting ability.

That said, I agree a 9' 8wt would be the best combo of fighting ability combined with cast ability.
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