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Default Re: Cortland-Diamondback Petition

We fishermen create the problem of good products going down the tubes. Many years ago Garcia-Mitchell made excellent products for us. The Mitchell 300 was the spinning reel all manufacturers tried to attain but they were not cheap. We started buying our fishing stuff at K=Mart so G-M started suppling the Big K with thier products. Big box retailers continually push the suppliers for lower and lower prices. To reach the goal set by the retailers they start cutting corners to meet the price demands because they like the money that the volume brings in. I mistakenly bought one of the Kmart 300's and I was sick the first time I took it fishing. It sounded like a coffee grinder even with the anti-reverse off. It was the only time that reel ever saw the water. What a shame. The same thing happend to Zebco. The good 33's sold for something over $20. They got cheaper as time went along and I bought one of the $12 ones and it was a poor excuse of the old original models. Another Kmart deal. I could go on but you get the picture. Both companies have dropped to no-names and at one time they were the top of the heap. I am guilty too. I refuse to pay $600 for a rod. Cortland was, at one time, the best fly line you could buy. I doubt that Kmart had anything to do with the demise of Cortland.
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