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Default Re: List flyfishing accomplishments big and small

Big, [Landed a trout longer than 24"]

small, [I used my fishing net to land and rescue some poor prairie dog that was drowning and exhausted out away from the shore. That poor feller must have been picked up and dropped by some Hawk]

wild, [In my fly thing class, I finally agreed to turn the Vice Jaw toward my right hand (I am Right Handed) after the teacher begged and pleaded with me for 30 minutes]

nifty, [Tied my own Crawdad imitation successfully, after a full 6 months of thinking and preparation about using "Alternative Materials"]

[Drifted 12 Miles of the Bighorn River in a Drift Boat, and caught 1 trout on a nice clear day]

been-there-done-that, [ Slipped & fell into water deeper than my waders]

whatever... [Put away the Fly Gear and got out the Spinning Rod & Reel and the Treble Hook Lures. Hey...I didn't know better!]

Welcome to the world of Fly Crying
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