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Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

I have a Sage One, a 99, 2 Flights and a Vantage. I don't see anything wrong with the way they look. I see a difference in the level of build and mat'ls in the One and 99 vs the Flights and the Vantage.

I guess to me they are tools, nothing more nothing less. The esthetics are only important as they impart a certain level of quality fit and function. Function is the important part.

As far as the cork Handles. I don't know, I think they are fine. I don't know what else could make them better. Most of mine are "dirty" for lack of better term from hours of use. I like the patina of wear and use on my things. I like a shotgun with worn bluing from hours of carrying in the feild, some scratches and dings here and there are fine. Shows that its been used, gives it character. Same with my reels, If I get a scratch on it or wear from use I don't care. Nothing that gets used will look like new forever.

Sounds like some of you want more "bling" on your rods. Fancy Wood, Knurled locks, who knows. If sage offered a "appearance Package" with all sorts of fancy embellishments for an extra $25 I'd skip it. To me it does nothing.Just like my shotguns, I'll buy a plane blued Field Grade over a Presentation, Silver or Gold Grade with engravings, gold inlays and all that other **** that is worth nothing when a Grouse busts cover right under your feet. I prefer them clean, simple and above all functional!!
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