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Default Fun with tailing loops!

Hey - I had a lot of time this weekend to work on my cast even more.

I've reached a point! I can now throw a wicked tailing loop at will! I was surprisingly happy about this for some reason. I can go from smooth power application and a tight loop, 'good' cast to applying "power" (more like 'speed' to me) too early in the cast and/or stopping the casting stroke too early and bam -- awesome, insane tailing loops. A few I can throw so well that the fly line knots itself - not just the leader. Those are awesome and definitely my favorite.

I need to do a video of 'good cast' versus 'bad cast' back to back .

Does anyone else enjoy this ability? I was casting with my wife today and she's doing well but her casting is not quite up to my own, so being able to throw a tailing loop seemed to help her see how it happens a bit better.

Man, just a few months back I threw these suckers regularly when attempting longer casts and didn't really have a good understand of "why" I was screwing up. I like this much better.
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