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Default Re: Flyfishing for Sauger...

Nice looking flies in this thread. I fish the Ohio River frequently. Although I target either white bass or hybrid bass, I've caught my share of sauger on a fly. I use one pattern primarily...a chain eyed clouser. I tie it in white marabou with emerald flash, white/gray marabou with silver flash, and beadhead streamers w/ olive marabou with a little emerald flash as well. The emerald I use when emerald shiners run as bait. The silver, when shad run as bait. The olive I use when the lighter colors fail me. These 3 colors mentioned work well on sauger in the area of the country I live in. Sauger tend to come shallow the last hour or so of daylight in my parts, so the chain beads eyes server me well.
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