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Default Re: Fun with tailing loops!

You know, I actually tied a couple of tapered leaders after that thread just to see if it changed my opinion at all. I used the easy 20 >> 15 >> 10 >> 6 formula -- all mono.

Honestly, I'm about ready to say that there's no way in hell you'll all of the sudden go from throwing a crappy cast with a tailing loop to a "good cast" simply by switching to a tapered leader. Unless using one somehow provides you a psychological advantage and leads to you casting with smooth power and a large enough casting arc so the rod follows a straight-line path...?

I may be an idiot for using a level leader, but I'd be very comfortable calling you an idiot for suggesting that a tapered leader will fix errors in your casting technique! You can't buy your way into a good cast!

Plus, I still feel they're too much hassle for the return. They sink slower -- take more time to hassle with, and when nymphing or using a streamer on the bottom I hang up so much that they're just not worth my time and effort. Please use them if you like 'em -- I may use one for dries on the Current River this coming week -- but nothing subsurface.

Oh and I'm glad to see you around again fichy -- you provided so much substance/reasonable explanation in your retorts in the previous thread. Do you like calicos, or are you more of a manx guy? Oh, and I have some excellent spools of 3X tippet that you're welcome to use for striped bass fishing if you PM me.

You should get into guiding and tell your beginning casters that the reason they're throwing a tailing loop is because they aren't using a tapered leader, lol.
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