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Default adult salmon fly...

after seeing some pics posted here in another thread (entemology section)I got inspired to try this out...

this bug emerges in western streams and rivers between april - july...its a pretty big meal too...

I have been trying to do this one for a while...I ended up using "swiss straw" for the segmented was a lot easier for me to tie that pheasant tail...if I could get one of those "legs on a stick" I would...and these would be better I think...but the material I used is OK...

the pics I saw in my "bug book" showed the segments divided by some narrow orange bands...I didnt have the right thread color...but will get some for future ties...and see if I cant find some of those cool legs...or convince a friend to tie some for me...

Click the image to open in full size.
I call it the "Big Fly Dry"...or "BFD" for short...

the body is typical dubbing with a wire spiral wrap, I used Buffalo wool in brown...the wings are three piece...the base is a mallard back feather(the larger ones) tied mid section of the body, with two gadwall feathers over that...a turkey fan feather is used for the body case...and two sprigs are left on for the antenae after tying off...

Click the image to open in full size.
I bent its legs around for the really looks like its crawling...LOL...

I was swinging this fly around today on my 11 foot switch with a floating line...8ft furled leader and 6 feet of flouro greased to the did super...landing both ways...more times upright than not, imitating a fly laying is relatively streamlined for such a big dry looks pretty darn good floating...I will get some more pics later...because it started snowing again...and ended the time out on the water...

Click the image to open in full size.

the bug ends up being two inches long nose to wing tip...the antennae are about 1 1/4" over that...

In Jim Schollmeyers book "hatch guide for western streams"(my bug book) , he tells about the egg laying habits of this fly...and says"anytime an adult salmon fly is on the water it is very vulnerable to predators"

sounds good to me! if I was a salmon or big trout I would give it a swipe...

size 4-6 down eye nymph hook
buffalo wool dubbing(or similar)
.015 gold wire for spiral wrap on body
(1) large mallard back wing for wing base
(2) gadwall flanks for wings(waxed well)
turkey fan feather for body case and antennae

all the best...t

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