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Default Re: Fun with tailing loops!

You know I actually have used 3x for small flies when stripers have keyed on small grass shrimp and copepods. I've landed fish to 34" on it. How many stripers have you landed? I caught 1200 in '98 . It's my standard for steelhead and I've landed hundreds of those also.And yes I have guided and instructed. I like tapered leaders, not only because they turn over well, but I don't snap the whole leader off when they do snag. You might show a little respect to others who have obviously fished for decades more than you. Tapered leaders also allow you to slow down when a more delicate presentation and accuracy is needed like when your sightfishing a flat. You're not trying to develop more line speed just to straighten the leader. Level leaders make wind resistant flies tough to throw, too. I must admit I used level leaders when I was 10-11 years old. You can be as sarcastic as you want hiding behind a computer, not going to make you a good fisherman or respected.
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