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Default Re: Fun with tailing loops!

Tapered leaders also allow you to slow down when a more delicate presentation and accuracy is needed like when your sightfishing a flat.
I hesitate to agree with you on anything since you seem to be more inclined to hurl childish insults than to explain any point, but I can't argue with this. I hadn't considered flats, but I can see this with dry flies.

I must admit I used level leaders when I was 10-11 years old. You can be as sarcastic as you want hiding behind a computer, not going to make you a good fisherman or respected.
Explain to me how one of two people posting on an online fly fishing forum is "hiding behind a computer"? What does that even mean?

You might show a little respect to others who have obviously fished for decades more than you.
Respect is a two-way street and if you look at your posts they're mostly one-line insults. I couldn't care less how old you are or whether you've caught 1225 fish in one year -- you won't get respect until you give it.

Plus, having done something longer really means very little to me. I've seen guys who've said "oh yeah, I've been fly fishing for years" and then they can't cast a weighted #14 brassie 20 feet.

And again, tailing loops have nothing to do with the taper of a leader. This is what this thread was about. Thus, your years of experience may not have been so productive.
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