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Default Re: Orvis T3 vs Superfine

The Orvis deal is very good. I purchased a 3wt. Superfine (before the ~$80 price increase) with the same deal last fall; I chose the BBS to balance with the light rod.

The T3 series are medium to fast rods (mid to tip flex), and they are available in a wide variety of weights for all types of fishing. The superfine rods are mostly slow with a few medium (full to mid flex), and the Superfine are dedicated to fishing smaller waters for smaller fish. Having said that, you can certainly fish big water and catch big fish with a Superfine. Two weekends ago, I caught two 2+ pound bass with my Superfine 3wt. using 5x tippet and a #12 pheasant tail.

If possible, you should cast each type in 5wt to see what matches your casting comfort zone best. If you cannot, you might want to consider the 5wt T3 with a mid flex. It would offer you the greatest range of use. You would give up some delicacy/tippet protection, but you would gain the ability to more easily handle distance, wind and larger fish.

It really is a question of personal tastes and need; both are beautiful, well made in America fly rods. You should also review the information on the Orvis website, if cannot visit a store.
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