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Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
Klunker, you missed my point. I didn't mean do you wash and polish it all the time. I meant do you go out and pay a ton of money for the ugliest car you can just because it's a tool and nothing more. Washing and waxing your ugly car has nothing to do with it. Did you ask the dealer for a specific color? Did you ask yourself at all, is there a better looking model I can find?

Not the same thing as washing it or an ugly rod.
Maybe I did miss your point. Let me clarify.

Last car I bought was used, Didn't buy new because I didn't like the deal the dealer was offering. So I found a used one with 1500 miles on it less than 1 year old with the options I had to have (manual transmission). Bought off the internet site unseen, Saved 1/3 the price of new, warrantee goes with the car so I had no worries. The particular mfg has a excellent warrantee, 50K miles or 4 years includes ALL maintenance and wear except tires. I didn't care about the color. I was concerned about options, getting a car as close to what I wanted as possible that was the first concern for me. Looks of a car is very subjective. Your right about one thing, their are a lot of ugly cars out there. But I would suffer a ugly car if it was setup (options) the way I like my cars. Again, I am putting its functions ahead of its appearances.

When we were at the dealer looking for this car, and this is a car I alone drive, as my wife knows how but doesn't like driving a stick, I let her pick the color. It really didn't matter to me what color it was. To be honest about it this mfg doesn't paint their cars bright look at me colors anyways, all very conservative colors, lots of different silvers/greys, black, white, a dark blue, No reds or yellows or anything flashy that a teenager would like so I wasn't in danger of her picking Fire Glow Pink or any such color. Besides my wife has impeccable taste (she married me after all ) and a very good eye for colors.

Seems to me its hard for you to accept that I really don't care alot about appearances. I'll have to post a picture of my favorite old car I have. My wife has asked if I'm going to paint it, or fix this or change that as its so ugly and the interior has a bit of a smell in it she won't drive in it. But I tell her no, I love it cause its UGLY and its what I like in old cars. Tomorrow, I will post a picture of one UGLY car that I drive just to prove to you what I am capable of!!

Dan, Give in, just accept the fact. No harm, no foul.