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Default Re: TU Members

As stated earlier, I'm a life member. Just some random thoughts/questions after reading posts:

How much (after you subtract the retail value of the rod and reel—say $900) goes to TU?

Does anyone know for sure if TU gets the rods/reels donated from manufacturers or at least gets them at well below retail? I hope so.

Sorry to hear that some TU chapters aren't that helpful. My local chapter seems pretty active. Relevant (local waters/issues) speakers once a month. Fish with a member sponsored (at discount rates) trips to privately stocked waters. 2-3 volunteer habitat rebuilding days a month (in conjunction with land owners and other orgs like the Chesapeake Bay foundation). Not to mention the stocking/habitat efforts on 3 waters I fish regularly (public and private) and trout in the classroom educational programs.

I think it helps to have a local/knowledgeable/active fly shop working closely with a TU chapter.

My taxes help out on public lands...but none of that would go to fix up some fine private water that frankly holds some of the biggest fish around here. And not all of that water is $$$ to fish. $70 for a day or hell, $10 to fish just as big and plenty fish but you have to 1 of 4 passes which are usually gone by 8am.

I'm happy to have helped those efforts.
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