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Default Re: 6/0 Flymaster Thread?

Okay after about a week or so using this thread I have come to some conclusions. One is this thread does break easier than the 6/0 uni that I am used to. That's okay though, it teaches me better thread control, of which I have grasped pretty well in the week of use. It does seem that the white thread breaks easier than the black but I'm sure it's only my imagination as they are the same exact threads. Also to help in this area, I found that my bobbins were too tight and spreading the bobbin legs out helped tremendously.
Secondly, it does lay nice and flat and when laying a foundation wrap on the hook, it almost seems translucent, I believe it to be because when it lays flat that just spreads out the individual fibers making it look thinner.
Also the main reason I wanted this thread was for building the under bodies for use with floss. As you know you need a real round smooth surface for a good looking floss bodies and this thread has elevated my game instantly in that department. It goes on so thin that you must do a lot more wrapping but that seems to be one of the reasons I get a better under body.
All in all I am very pleased with this thread, but as I stated it does take some getting used to, It doesn't replace my uni but rather compliments my thread stock. I would use the uni in different type of fly's.
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