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Default Re: Fun with tailing loops!

My point was, I have caught stripers on 3x and at least have a clue what I'm talking about, it was directed at TB's comments to me. I'll never think of doing a numbers thing again. Most of those fish were caught in the estuaries of Plum Island Sound in northern Mass. They were an abundant crop of 2 year olds and ranged from 14 to 18" . May, June, Sept. and Oct. were incredible. You could get one after another for hours on a good running, lower light tide. I also helped catch fish for biologists out of UNH and UMass. It was a pay gig. Went out for 14 hr. days and caught as many as possible in certain size slots, so they could have radio tags implanted in some, fin tags and scale and stomach samples for others. I fish the Hudson(amongst many other places) and get far fewer but much larger fish. Who cares? I don't. People make a lot of f'ed up assumptions. By the way Turbine, To get a FFF casting certification you have to be able to intentionally produce tailing loops. You were somewhat on the right track with your thread. Sorry it got derailed, but the sarcastic sh!t will do it every time. I see that's the nature of this forum, though. I'd say it's been fun, but it really hasn't. Take care.
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