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Default I'm near Boston

Hi guys,

I used to fish with non-fly rods at the local suburban ponds and lakes like white pond, walden pond, etc and usually catching bass, sunfish, and carps... but ever since a friend told me about the salmon season in Michigan and how he catches and eats the fish he catches (trout, salmon) I've been really interested in getting into fly fishing myself, and concentrate on catching fish that I can possibly consume... however, are there any fish or waters in massachusetts, or even, NH, MAINE that are safe to eat?

I did a brief google search online and it seems like most of the freshwater fish in massachusetts are not fit for consumption due to mercury build up in them =\

Although, i think the stocked fish are safer because they dont have as much mercury exposures?

Anyway, would love to hear what you guys think.

And could anyone recommend a good fly rod/setup?
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