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Default Re: want opinions on fly fishing vests....

to be honest, i dont need a $100+ vest to carry my gear, pretty much any vest with alot of pockets works well for me, and this one was the last one I had,
Pro Vest - Vests and Clothing - Other Fly Fishing Gear +
sold it along with all my FlyFishing gear a few years ago. Of course I couldnt stay away and have all the gear again, except the vest. This vest was very comfortable, more pockets than i could fill, and the 2 big pockets held my flyboxes just fine. And the price was excellent, think it was on clearance thern for 27.99 plus shipping. Only complaint was that i would like either a mesh version, or partial mesh. but even at that, it really didnt get very hot when out on a warm day. Great vest at a great price. The more room for gear means i will take more gear, so now i just use a waist pack, or even just a small box for my flies and a small belt pouch to carry my nippers, hemostats, tippet and a couple leaders.
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