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Default Re: Kiwi coming to visit

Originally Posted by dabluz View Post

From what I know, you will be visiting about the worst place for fishing for any coldwater species of fish....especially with a fly rod.

Sure, there are bass, walleye, bluegill, perch etc but 99.9% of the fishermen in the area you will be visiting do not fish with a fly rod.

You are going to the most densely populated part of Canada. Geographically, the area is flat so forget any ideas of clear clean cold splashing mountain streams. In fact, the highest mountain in Ontario is about 600 feet high.

Yes....there are a few nice clear lakes north of where you are visiting but in July, the fish don't visit the surface very often because most of these waters have very little oxygen in the upper 20 feet at this time of the year. You will have to go to about the 50th parallel before coming across any decent fishing.
Respectfully...and being a transplanted mountain-man from BC now living in the 'flats' of SW Ontario, only some of what Dabluz is actually true. As i said in my seemingly dismal post, water temperature can be an issue for sure. That said, throughout SW Ontario INCLUDING the most populated area in Canada, several cold water streams actually still exist. Truly, these are diamonds in the rough.

Cold water fishing can be found in SW Ontario...even in the middle of the just have to know where to look. As in my invite to Linz regarding fishing for mooneye....just upstream of where we will be...are resident rainbows and browns doing quite well thank you very much. Where I also suggested we could go...another river not so far laced with cold water upwelling and hosts resident populations of native brook trout.

YES, its not a rushing mountain stream that you could stoop your head low, cup your hands and drink directly from....but its not all concrete and iron either.

As for fly rodders.....WE are everywhere and with increasing frequency. Granted, during any of the salmonid runs, float and bait rodders dominate the waterways BUT...interspaced throughout...are US. AND, what a great way to spend the day humbling bait rodders as I chuck flies to steels.

Linz, it will be fine. A true fisherman...and only after many years after leaving BC and my wife telling me to get rid of the chip on my shoulder....finds the good in any situation.

We will find waters...we will find fish...cold, cool or warm-water species....and ya know what, they ALL could be in the same waters at the same time able to be hooked on the same pattern, the same drift, the same time of year.

King Joe, Outa Here!
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