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Default Re: want opinions on fly fishing vests....

[QUOTE=powderfinger;538443]going to purchase a vest. which one do u like ? does anyone have the fishpond flint hills and,if so, do u like it? pros and cons.....thanks![/QUOTe

My advice is to try all the ones you can afford on. Put fly boxes,tippets,etc. in all the pockets and eliminate the ones that don't work for you. Your either a fan of vests or your not, I am the later and fish with a sling bag or usualy a lanyard and wading jacket with alll the flys that will be fished that day either in the wading jacket of waders. Vests are fine in moderate weather, they are too hot in the summer and inhibit what you wear under them to be exculded when fishing in cold weather. Have a good time looking for the one you want not what your buddys wear.

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