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Default Re: Steelhead success!

Originally Posted by king joe View Post
From the looks of those fish, they been on the rocks for a while....dark boots.
Not really sure what "dark boots" means but both of those fish were out of the water for less than 45 seconds. I am a very conscientious angler and am not new to the sport or the needs of fish.

That being said thank you for the good words and it was a great time. Those fish I supported back into the water and after no time shot back out into the river.

I am not sure what the first responder was really trying to say (fredaevans) but we are fly fishers/anglers and we respect and learn about the fish. I have caught enough fish to understand their needs and would never put a fish at risk unless I was going to eat it.

I know fish and have caught more than I could or would ever want to try to count. I am not a novice and while no offense is intended by (fredaevans) it was implied. Fish more, insult less; even if "no offense" was intended....

Thanks again king joe for the good word.
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