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Default Re: Correct Me if I am wrong



I've seen a lot of patterns that use the title "Clouser".

It seems to me that if they use the "dumbell" style metal eyes, they call it a "clouser".

Personally, I don't like the style termed "clouser". Those eyes add a lot of weight, and my experience shows me that lots of weight makes for difficulty casting.

How can we distinguish between the Clouser and Non-Clouser style?

When I want a lot of weight, I don't wrap the shank. I cut a 3/8" long piece of 14 Gauge Copper Wire and wrap it about 1/8" behind the eye of the hook,
in line with the shank, but usually opposite the Gap.
It can be covered with other material.

Of course, that's for streamers etc. For nymphs etc I do wrap the shank, although I've gotten to use copper wire mostly, instead of lead.


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