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Default Re: Lafitte Redfish

welcome to my neck of the woods. That's where I go to fish 3 times per year. Love Lafitte. I was even down there 2 days before Katrina hit, slamming the reds like never before. What a trip....cut a little short, but outstanding fishing. Headed down there in a few weeks for my first trip of '09. Stay in touch and let's compare notes. It seems the wind follows me down there everytime I go. It blew hard on all 3 of my trips last year. Hoping for better conditions this year. Not many places to get out of the wind in that marsh system, but I love it. Do you have a skiff, or do you just get a guide whenever you go? I got a guide my first trip down there...learned plenty. I know it well now. I get some looks in my skiff, but I can get real skinny in those duck ponds. If you're not a guide, or with a guide, down there, a bay boat is a recipe for disaster. I'm afraid I learned the hard way, as I had a bay boat for a year or so and traded in for a skiff. No fear of getting stuck. Only drawback is it's slower and can't cross big water, but as you probably know, not really a need to go far down there. We takeoff right out of Lafitte Harbor and head for the marshes. Man, I 'm getting stoked as I type this.

Take care.


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