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Default Re: Orvis Guide Sling Pack

Originally Posted by Gerard View Post
I think these Orvis packs are great. I use mine on the flats, far better than a waist bag. Highly recommended.

P.S. Does anyone know what Orvis call the bar for loading the tippet reels on these packs???...can't find them on their website.
Was wondering the same thing.

I was looking through their catalog and it shows the tippet spool. I find it annoying that they advertise it in their catalogs, but don't sell it.

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Originally Posted by nick k View Post
Yeah I looked at it after you commented. It does indeed say it on the site. Maybe they changed it since I bought it, or maybe they only do it online. Either way, great product.
Their newest catalog says, "tippet spool not included"
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