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Default Moving from Chicago to Houston, Rod and Reel Help!!!!

As the title states, I will be moving to Texas soon and need advice on gearing up for the salt. I have been fishing Carp and Smallies on an 8wt tfo finesse with a lamson konic and was informed it may be best to switch over to a better setup for the saltwater. I figured I could keep this setup as a backup or for the rivers and lakes in the area. I was hoping to target redfish, bones, snook, baby tarpon and if I'm dumb enough small sharks. I know one setup isn't going to work on all of those species but my budget will only allow me to get two nice setups (1200 or less a piece, and one at a time).

I was looking into an 8wt and a 10wt sage response rod paired with Nautilis NV reels to match. Good or Bad or even personal opinions, I am just looking for advice. I don't mind spending good money on quality products but I do demand a bulletproof setup as I tend to be clumsy and abusive to my gear. I like to fish in all weather and tend to keep my gear in the back of my jeep for any oppurtunity that arises.

I am also looking for advice on backing, lines, leader and tippets for these rods because I am a complete rookie fishing the salt. Thanks for the help in advance and Tight Lines. Gulf coast here I come!!!!
Patrick Kinsella

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