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Default Vise Short List what to pick

Hi there,
Ashamed to admit that I have been fly fishing for 10 years, but never tied a fly before. Inspired by my son, I would like to start tying. My motivation is not to save money but to bring some of my ideas into it. Also, I would like to show my son that its fun to learn new things.

Price Point: ~$150

I have affinity for quality. Within a reasonable price range I would always opt for quality over value. Most of my fishing rods are Winston and reels are made by Hardy. I would like to get a vise that is well made and more precise. I do not care for lots of bells and whistles. Rotary would be nice. But, educate me if it is necessary.

I see vises at different price points. Now, help me understand if it is better to get an average company's top or middle of the line model or a leading brands lower level model.

I would like to buy a good vise that I can grow with. I am never going to tie commercially but I would like to enjoy tying. Also, I am not going to be tying complicated stuff at the beginning. but eventually I would like to learn to tie some atlantic salmon flies (hair wing) for fishing (not display). So, it would be helpful to be able to find alternative jaws for the vise that can hold different size flies. Following is my short list. I would appreciate if you can comment on these. List is in the order of my preference.

1. Griffin Blackfoot Mongoose: Like the looks. not sure about the quality and durability issues. Also, how does it compare to the HMH Spartan or Regal Medallion from the build quality and smoothness point of view

2. Anvil Atlas: very similar opinion as the Griffin. Any comment about the quality and durability would be great. Again how does it compare to the griffin or the Spartan

3. Peak Rotary vise: I hear that a lot of people use this vise. Is it too bulky and heavy around the jaw? Also, what is the build quality and what are the durability issues with this vise. How would you compare it with the Blackfoot or the Atlas.

Your help is much appreciated. Thank you so much.

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