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If you looked at the blank and felt what it was like you would know it's not China. I have never seen a Chinese blank of that quality. Korean stuff is often pretty darned good. I am not sure where the blanks come from. I would bet a paycheck it isn't China. The trend things are going, I'll bet it won't be more than two or three years and almost everyone will be forced to move offshore. There are consequences to what's going on. Like the politician that said minimum wage should be $22/hr. That's great till you realize it means a $17 Big Mac.

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By the way, you can have somebody make a camo rod for you. That way it's so in tune with nature when you set it down you can't find it.
Somehow I don't think you'd actually honor that bet. Here it is, straight from Flying Pigs themselves...

The rods are of Chinese origin. They are however designed from the ground up by Flying Pig and produced there exclusively for us..


Just like every other importer says (Allen, flying pig, etc) they have designed them from the ground up and are made exclusively for them.

And a rod doesn't have to be "camo," just something that blends in with nature. Some people like neutral, some are attracted to bling bling.
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