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Default Re: What's in your vest?

extra reel, floatant, 2 fly boxes, small box with strike indicators and splitshot, couple extra leaders, 3 sizes of tippet, nipper/nail clippers, forceps, small led flashlight, small compass, waterproof matches and a lighter, some dryer lint in a ziplok baggie or a homemade parrafin wax and sawdust fire starter, emergency space blanket,folding limbsaw for small branches, few granola/energy bars, small bottle of water, usually have a multi-tool in my pocket or on my belt, cell phone, pen and pocket notebook.
depending on the outing, some of the things may go in a small daypack or stay in the truck. when i wore a vest i always took more than was needed, and now i try to simplify things and just wear a waist pack with the necessities since i rarely go on the long hike anymore. I can fish all day with 1 flybox, nippers, and forceps, and tippet and a light lunch.
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