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Default Effective small pond fishing

Okay, I have been cooped up enough and I can't wait to get out on the water. That said, my Fortune 500 company recently purchased another Fortune 500 company and we are looking at at least two years of intense IT projects to merge the two into one. That means a lot of hours at work and less hours fishing.

But I have been poking around near where I work and there are a couple small ponds that I found that hold fish. One is within three minutes from the backdoor of my building and the other is about a six minute drive from the same backdoor. There is also a lake near my house that I can get to in about 15 minutes that will do in a pinch, too.

These ponds are really small: only about 50-60 across, maybe less in one of them. One is a municipality pond and I am sure there will be kids all over it at times. It was recently dredged and I understand it is about eight feet deep in the middle. They say they stock this with bass and gill.

The one behind my building is on what used to be a golf course. I am estimating that this pond, even though it is smaller in diameter, is much deeper: maybe 15-feet deep at the deepest point. I see bass and gill and koi(!) in this pond.

I am to the point that I do not care what I fish for: I just want to fish. I have never tried to fish still water before, so what do I have to learn to do?

Keep in mind, I never threw a fly rod cast before last September or October. And I have only been out, say, ten times. All of them have been on streams where I would roll cast upstream and let the fly drift downstream, so I am not what you could even call a fly fisher--I am a true greenhorn.

Do I need to trade out my fly line and put another type on it? I think mine is floating; do I need a sinking line? Or will a long tippet do the trick?

I know once it gets really hot, I may be able to float an ant or something but I think in the spring, it won't work so well.

How do I "fish" the fly? Short strips then stop?

What flies do I use in a pond? The golf course pond never gets fished and I am sure the bait of choice at the other one is earthworms, so I think most anything I use will be new to the fish.

The lake is a different concern because that water is much, much bigger. I will still fish it from shore or maybe wade in a little as I do not have a boat or a float tube. May need to get at least a tube but I am sort of leery of the snapping turtles that are all over that lake. Should I be concerned with those dang things?

I am thinking that I can use these three spots to at least get better at casting and presenting and such. I think any practice will help me for when I get a chance to go out on a stream. Or am I wrong in that thought?

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