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Default Re: Winter Smallmouth

Originally Posted by bugslinger View Post
It depends where you live, what,s the lattitude. Up here the bite usualy doesnt start untill late April and early May if we have a cold April. Then in May they pair up and your fishing orver reds/beds. I know lefty he served with my Father In law during WW2. You must be righty.

I did not know Lefty was a Vet. My admiration grows!
Actually my other brother is righty I'm ambi.

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Originally Posted by streamwalker View Post
Most of the time when I'm bass fishing in the winter I don't use a fly rod I know don't hate me. But I don't have a setup for it. Because wintertime bass fishing is Slowwwww!! An deep!! Most of the time I throw a senko worm In 20 feet of water where I know cover is and let it sit for 30 seconds even a minute then barely twitch it and do the same thing over and over covering water very slowly.
Thanks Streamwalker!
I had to google a senko worm. I had never heard of them. Your post lets me know that I am fishing to fast even tho I thought I was fishing slow. Problem has been that with variable water depth and water moving fishing clousers or similiar I am hung under rock by the time I think I should move. This is going to be challenging.
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