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Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
Are you asking brand and style of guide or size and spacing? Do you want to mimic what Sage puts on?

For brand and style, my first choice in guides is Snake Brand, I'd get the Universals which come in chrome and black nickel both of which look great. I don't know ins and outs of different brands of single foot guides, only used them a couple times and don't like them as much personally.

Snake Brand reel seats are really nice too, but a bit pricey. If you have the money they really are gorgeous. I also like the ones Dave Winslow sells and they are less expensive. For cork, flor grade I buy mine through a friend who puts in a large order once or twice a year but have bought some on ebay. End up weeding out some pieces but I don't worry about getting cork perfect.
Thank you for the insight. My intent is to get the best I can find. Seems like a small cost in comparison to the blank and seat. Don't want to mimic the Sage setup if there are better options to be had. I will read up on the Snake brand. Seemed there was a lot of respect for fuji tip tops how would y-all say the two compare?

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Originally Posted by petee View Post
X2 on the Snake Brand Universal guides. Top quality and no guide foot prep to speak of.

Remember when you set up the guide placement that Sage measures to the bottom of the foot . Not the middle of the guide like most manufactures.

I use Lemke seats and usually get my cork from Fishing Rod Building Supplies It's getting harder and harder to find exceptional cork.


Thanks for the tips Petee
Those Lemke seats do look swell.
Either of y-all know what seat is on the Hardy Zenith?
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