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Default Re: Effective small pond fishing

Can I like your post twice? You answered a lot of questions.

I am more used to spin fishing but, even then, I have little practical experience. My dad never had the patience to teach me fishing even though he was pretty darn good at it whenever he was young. I had to stick with small game hunting with him but that was worth it.

I see what you are saying about twitching the rod tip. Actually, I can see me doing that, too. It will take a little practice because of the spin caster in me and the (almost) need to retrieve the line quickly.

I don't know if I get impatient, per se, I think I just get all excited. But I have to say that even though I have only gone out a handful of times, and actually caught fish, there is something about fly fishing that is so totally different than spin fishing. For some reason, all of my senses are more open. Of course, maybe being on a stream is a totally different setting lake fishing and there is more to experience, but I don't think that is totally the case.

I am all set up to make a bunch of soft hackle...I will need more hooks as I am running low. I was suckered into helping a few guys teach a group of Boy Scouts learn how to fly the past few weeks. I am not nearly as good as they are but it was fun. At the same time, those Boy Scouts sure did a job on my hooks. Plus I have a tendency to give a lot of my flies away. I have been giving a bunch to the two guys at work who I am trying to get to start fly fishing. Sort of chubbing them!!

As far as "moving water luck," I think that is what I have had there so far: dumb luck! I have caught about ten trout so far, but only one was bigger than 12" with at least 5 that were barely longer than the width of my hand. I have also caught the biggest bass I have ever caught in my life. My best flies seem to be an ugly little streamer I made that is only a bead on a streamer hook with a small piece of marabou tied onto the hook and a pheasant-tailed nymph.

Have fun in the stream, man! I am bummed that I will be missing opening day of trout here in Western PA because I need to drive to my daughter's college to watch her sing in a concert. I love my daughter and she comes before my fishing but still...........
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