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Default Re: Effective small pond fishing

My wife is quite a singer and fly fisherman, so I guess I'm set . No kids (yet) though.

Fly fishing is very peronsal, so you'll develop your own style. I'm still relatively new to it, but I've been spin fishing for years. Also, like you, I was not taught fishing, or knot-tying, or most anything outdoors from a young age. My Dad fished, but rarely with us. He worked 55 hour weeks on night shifts and was extremely busy -- no complaints, but I most fishing I've done is due to watching internet videos (believe it or not) and just fishing as much as possible in my spare time. The local fly fishing group helps a lot too with advice, etc.

Most of my knots I'd prop up the computer and practice with a lamp on the couch dozens (hundreds?) of times for hours at night . It's kind of the same with tying patterns now .

I'm still developing my own style and probably will until I'm dead. It's a great hobby -- and it's completely pointless at the same time . That's part of the reason it's so great.
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