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Default Re: alternate fly tying materials


One of the materials that has been mentioned in at least one book, as an alternative to using Sally Hansen's "Hard---As---Nails" for glue is the following product.

"Beauty Secrets Nail Hardener & Thickener" 2.5 oz bottle

This comes in round bottle and it is usually found I think, only in the
"Beauty Supply" stores. I do not think even that the Big Box Stores carry it. It can be purchased from Amazon.

What I want to point out about the product, is that is offered as a mere "alternative" to Sally Hansen's but it really is a very different product in its characteristics. It isn't the same, but it's differerences make it all the better for the fly tier.

(a) "Beauty Secrets Nail Hardener" dries Faster, and it stays thinner for the life of the product.

(b) "Hard As Nails" evaporates over time, and becomes thicker.
I use it when I want a kind of final glue, when I am getting up and walking away from the tying bench. (It can be thinned with Acetone)

But if I want something "thick" to cover sharp corners or to smooth out
a surface, the thickening Hard--As---Nails works well.

(c) "Beauty Secrets" does not thicken over time. I have never seen any product dry so fast.

I keep both Sally Hansen's and the "Beauty Secrets" Hardener on my bench.
"Beauty Secrets" works rather well.
Welcome to the world of Fly Crying
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