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Default Fly Shops

I do not maintain a "loyalty" to one shop or the other.

There are 4 shops within a short drive from my house.

Most shops seem to have a combination of good points and shortcomings.

Some have shortcomings in the staff hired to work the shop and some are deficient in inadequate supplies.

One of the shops just seems to have everything. I won't give any names because I am not offering ads for a shop nor do I think it nice to "slam" a shop by name.

But I am curious if everyone else has the same feelings when they walk into a shop, such as:

(a) This place could improve if only they______________?

(b) Why doesn't this shop have the ______________that I want in stock?

(c) Dosen't this guy (or gal) know how to smile?

(d) Other?

I like to spread my business around.

This week, I was going to buy a streamside "plier" tool, you know, hook removal, crimper etc, that I knew sold in one shop for $44.95

I found the tool in another shop, longer, better, for $26.95

Imagine that!

One shop I know, actually seems to have everything. It is owned by a guy who is famous for publishing a book etc.
The staff is usually cheery, and there isn't so much as a feather or a chenille or a Krystal Flash that they don't have.
They also tie their own Grasshoppers, Stimulators and all of there stuff is clean, neat, highly organized.
I like it a lot.

I don't know if people in a shop know it or not, but there are different ways of saying "Hello, can I help you?"
Do you know what I mean? One is sincere and the other a bit of question not quite so sincere.


Do you really like the nearest shop to you? Do you have one or more places to shop in?

Are the people really friends or just So-So?
Welcome to the world of Fly Crying
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