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Default Spey line for 11'-3" rod

Getting into spey casting for browns and steelies and I am interested in a recommendation on lines (yes, another line request thread). I've got my ideas of what might be a good line but am looking for experienced input from the pros here since I'm just beginning in the two hand world.

So, the rod is an 11'-3" 7/8wt, considered to be just under a fast action, sold as a switch rod. I've read reviews that the rod loads pretty well with a spey cast at around 520gr heads. I will be using it in MI around AuSable, Pere Marquette, Manistee, Muskegon, etc. where there are needs for longer casts (100ish ft). Probably be some pretty tight areas that will require a small casting loop due to vegetation, banks, etc. as well to consider.

Mostly used nymphing and tossing streamers, but also could be throwing some floaters - probably much less frequently with this setup, though. Probably using it 85% spey and probably <15% two handed overhead casting.

I would like the line to be a at least 30lb tensile rating, a 40-50ish ft head and overall length of at least 120ft for longer casts.

I've been considering the following lines at the moment but I'm open to additional considerations as well as plus/minus on how it will perform, casting distance, longevity, etc.:
- Rio AFS Outbound 8/9 (38.5ft 520gr head, 120ft length, 34lb rating)
- Airflo Delta Spey 7/8 (52ft 530gr head, 120ft lenght, 30lb rating)
- Scientific Angler Spey Evolution 7/8 (52.5ft 530gr head, ~130ft long, 34lb rating)

I'm thinking that the slightly longer head will of the Airflow and Scientific Angler lines will be better and there's a slight lead with the Scientific Angler in length and tensile rating. I guess, I'm looking for what last longer, rolls better, casts farther/smoother and casts easier for a beginner in Spey.

Thanks for all your input!

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