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Default Re: Effective small pond fishing

I will start with leaders. I am no expert but I have been flyfishing BG and some Bass for over 40 years.

I have gone to a 2wt for BG and bass. On my light outfits I use a 5ft mono fureled leader and a 2 to 3' 6# tippet. I tie many flies on aberdeen hooks and if I get snagged on something I can usually pull the fly free and then use needlenose to rebend the hook and keep on fishing rather than needing to retie an maybe put on a new tippet as well. I would rather be fishing than re-rigging. If you are fishing bass and there is heavy cover you can go to a heavier tippet but heavy mono will not always go thru small hook eyes.

If the water is cold the fish will not chase much and many times the fly needs no movement. Just let it sink and watch closely and be quick with the hook set. The fish will school very tight and sometimes if you are outside a 2ft diameter circle they will not hit the fly. 30 second wait is not unreasonable and sometimes longer. Yellow is always a good color IMO. Soft Hackle or sinking spider with rubber legs.

As the water warms they will start hitting surface bugs. A craft foam spider or a small popper will work. Size 10 in yellow for both. Sometimes they like it moving and others not moving. Spiders for BG and Poppers will work for both BG and Bass. I make poppers 1/4" dia on a 12 hook.

I seldom use the rod to move the flies. I put the rod tip at the water level an use the line hand to manipulate the bug. I also strip set the hook.

For bass I prefer a deer hair bug. ( mostly because I enjoy tying them ) I seldom go bigger than a 6 hook. For bigger flies I go to a bigger line outfit of 5 or 6 but I don't use /0 sized hooks. There are also many bait fish patterns that will work well and I am also sucker for frog patterns. One last pattern that I would recommend would be a Blind Squirrel. It will catch anything I believe. Size 10 thru 6. Supposed to be a great carp fly too but I don't have any here locally to try it out on.

I have seen some large bass come out of small ponds. 7# plus in Indiana and that my friend is large in Indiana. So be prepared. I once had a bass hit so hard that he pulled the reel out of my finger so fast it pulled skin off my knuckles. And I missed it, sorry to say. It would probably been the largest I have ever caught.
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