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Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post

Not only do you not have more leverage with the end of your "lever" being further away from the "fulcrum", but air resistance on a longer rod is greater meaning you expend more energy rather than less
I gave you a like becuase I think you were sincere, midguided but none the less sincere. On a two handed rod a.k.a. the Spey the fulcrum is the distance between top and bottom hand usualy an inch or so in front of the reel . The rod is the lever and the line/leader/fly is the weight. This is a general balance point all depending on rod leangth,cast,and grip location,grip length, and reel weight. The longer rod will always generate more wind resistancce because their is more surface area. Instead of going on with a long winded answer, use this test. Take a 8 ft bar and lift a 100 lb weight 1 ft. Take the same weight an lift distance and use a 14 ft bar. The longer bar will use less energy than the shorter, the same way the Spey will throw farther with less energy all day and all night.

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