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Originally Posted by rockdog23 View Post
I am going to be floating several smaller rivers this summer for muskies, I am looking at getting a new fly rod and was wondering what thoughts are on a rod length. Would a shorter rod work(Echo84 type) or should I stick with a
9', I will be going with a 10 weight and will be throwing mostly big streamers with the hope of some big poppers if I can get a topwater bite going.
The best advice I could give you is to find a well stocked fly shop as I did and then try a given rod in various lengths. The test I did with the old RPLX series was with three rods, all 8 weights, and one in a 8ft 9 inch length, one in 9 ft and one in 9ft6 inch length. The shortest one was a delight, the 9 ft rod, my usual choice of rod length under 8 weight, was a tad bit to swing and the 9'6" was a killer. Given a ten I'd always go for a rod in that 8 ft to 8'6" range if available for starts. However that's my comfort level not yours so go try before you buy.

As far as long or short when sitting in a float tube over sitting or standing on a boat, I've found that it's nothing more than a simple adjustment of backcast height/angle and has little to do with rod length. Longer rods give more reach and reach is necessary when mending, dapping, high sticking, etc and a longer rod is great as long as it's not too stiff, or heavy, as then the lever you are working with is excessive for most folks.
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