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Wow, thanks everyone for all of the replies. I have learned quite a bit from everyones input, sorry I havent gotten to thank you all sooner ive been pretty busy with school and work. Just an update, I got a killer deal on a ross essence 7 wt on STP. Only set me back $120. I know im going to be chasing small mouth on the meramec and huzzah ect when the weather warms up, and the tips have been flowing so I figured what the hell, TRIGGER PULLED. Anyway I'm using the same reel I had on my first set up, a prestige plus cabelas reel. Its a 5/6 wt but I'm going to strip some backing and throw 7wt line on it since its a pretty heavy reel (Or do I want 8 wt line). Anywho now I'm in the market for line. I have rio gold for my 5 wt. Pretty good i suppose but I have ZERO expierence with any other line besides that and prestige cabelas line. Blue Halo is pretty cheap and looks sweet, anyone have any input on that line or another you can reccommend for a decent price? Thanks again for all of the replies!
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